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Starting to Head East! Carlyle Lake in Illinois

Saturday, June 10th we drove 285 miles to another Army Corps Carlyle Lake - McNair East Campground still in Illinois. It is a 25,000 acre reservoir and is the largest man-made lake in Illinois. We saw many hawks and turkey vultures around this lake and explored some remote roads.

Hundreds of hawks flying!

Osprey Nest!

Turkey Vultures!

Their wingspan is as big as an eagle's!!

The Kaskaskia River, the whole reason they built Carlyle Lake - flood prevention.

Railroad tracks over the lake.

Lots of farming happens in Illinois. Corn and soybeans are on top of the list. I did not realize Illinois had so many farms. Miles and miles of them as far as the eye can see.

They grow winter wheat which apparently is good for products such as flat breads, cereals, pretzels to name a few. Winter wheat does not have the protein and gluten levels required for yeast breads.

Went to mass on Sunday to this beautiful church. There are many in the area that were built by one man. The pastor is kind of elderly and hilarious. They had a baptism at the mass and Tom took a few shots and then walked up to the dad and sent him the pictures. Too bad Tom is not friendly. :-O It is fun to go to mass around the country. Some churches are so uplifting and some make you feel like you walked into the 1950's!

Instead of a crucifix in the front they had a stained glass window! Cool!

Good night Carlyle Lake. It was a nice visit. On to Kentucky.

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