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About Tom & Deb

Tom and Deb - 
Retired and loving it!

Early retirement was not something we ever dreamed could happen. We are so thankful we are able to do it. It is our hope to chronicle the places we visit to share these memories with our family and friends. Full disclosure, Deb is the webmaster and main contributor but Tom will add his two cents now and then!

We met through the Boy Scouts almost 38 years ago and from day one we shared a love of the outdoors and scouts. As the years passed, we became scout leaders among other volunteer jobs and enjoyed camping and dutch oven cooking. Tom has lots of memories from his childhood of vacations in their travel trailers and my dad always wanted a motor home or RV so we decided to be RV owners! All of our family vacations were in our travel trailers and the memories of campfires and outdoor cooking remain with our children. They still join us on vacations! I think they come for the food!

Our love for Dutch Oven cooking has expanded and we travel to various DOGS (Dutch Oven Gathering) throughout the country and have met some pretty great people. There is something about breaking bread together! Who doesn't like a huge pot luck dinner?


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