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Retirement 2019

A year of reframe, retire and rehab

Determined to still have a decent vacation in our new trailer despite Tom's job headaches and deteriorating hip joint, we pulled out some pretty nice memories in our favorite places in Vermont with some of our favorite people.

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2020 Covid Camping

A snag in the travel plans

Fortunately, we had our two reservations made before the whole world decided that buying an RV and going camping was their only hope for a vacation during a pandemic.



2021 Sixty-six nights

Some semblance of normalcy we hoped.

Armed with a new hip, vaccinations, our new trailer, AND new hope for the exit of Covid, we booked 66 nights in Vermont, Pennsylvania and Maine with a Dutch Oven gathering too! But alas a new snag in the plans. Tom fit in an MRI and biopsy during the summer to learn he had prostate cancer. Watch and wait was the plan....for now.



2022 On the road 104 nights!

Lots of learning with Evvie our new 5th Wheel!

Our new 5th Wheel helped us to enjoy many memorable events in 2022.

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2023 A rally, Mississippi River, three National Parks and a CT unexpected campground find!

With cancer in the rear view mirror, we took off for almost five weeks and explored the Mississippi River Army Corps campgrounds and visited Mammoth Cave Nat'l Park in Kentucky, New River Gorge in WV, and Shenandoah in VA. Stayed local in CT in the fall and found a gem!

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