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Rallying for The Rally!

Friday, my birthday, we spent the day assembling 9 lasagna pans and baking 4 apple crisps in the Dutch ovens! It was a hectic afternoon with some stuff happening at home to attend to as well. A different birthday.

The day took a turn for the better and we went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant. We were very underdressed but they let us in anyway. Our money wasn't underdressed haha!

The night closed with a birthday song and some cupcakes from some nice fellow Allies!



Rise and shine and get to the Rally Fairgrounds to set up and continue cooking to serve the volunteers for 6pm. Sunday is the day people start to arrive and these hard workers spend the day in the hot sun helping folks park their rigs.

A success! As Tom would say our death rate is still zero! Some people even went up for seconds!

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