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Another great Alliance rally is in the books. We cooked once again Saturday May 25th for the parking and set up crew and a few others to total 85 people. The menu was Shepherd’s Pie, chipotle Cole slaw and peach cobbler dump cake. We did do some prep work at home and finished up the cooking in Dutch Ovens.

Thanks to our helpers Yvonne and Trent!

Celebrated my birthday with special friends!

Tom golfed with new Alliance friends or as we call ourselves Allies! We got some things fixed in our 5th wheel and just enjoyed friends and festivities. Definitely a great time! 325 rigs and 700 people!

Parked overnight at Olde Dutch Mill Golf Course on Lake Milton, Ohio. Tom is golfing of course! On to Pennsylvania Monday! 🏌️‍♂️⛳️

Happy Trails!😃

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