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Off to the Wright Start!

After a delayed start due to a tire losing air (started after I checked it go figure) on the 5th wheel, we headed off Monday the 13th late afternoon. Stayed over night in a Walmart parking lot in Bloomsburg, PA and Tuesday headed to our first stop: Raystown Lake- Seven Points COE campground (Army Corps).

At the suggestion of a fellow camper we visited Ohiopyle State Park and saw Cucumber Falls. Very nice.

While on the way to finding diesel we fell upon an awesome National Park Service National Battlefield called Fort Necessity in PA. It was free to get in and the museum was outstanding. The original fort was built by George Washington. Washington was 22 and a lieutenant Colonel at the time (what were you doing at 22?). The battle did not end well for Washington and it became the precursor to the French and Indian war.

Replica of Fort Necessity. It didn’t hold up too well against the French and they ended up burning it down after they defeated Washington and his men.

The first federally funded road was also highlighted in the museum. The road was the very road we were on - route 40! They had the same arguments as today- who should pay, the state or the feds!

The last stop at this location was Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA. This was a creation of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater is one of the greatest architectural triumphs of the 20th century. It was amazing! Wright was known for incorporating architecture and natural surroundings.

The inside and outside of a rock wall!

On the road again today 5/20. Staying tonight at an Alpaca Farm in Medway, Ohio! Should be fun!

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