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June 13th we headed to Kentucky to Army Corp campground Dog Creek. It was tricky getting into our site but Tom's 5th wheel backing ability is great! We had a packed schedule hence why I'm just posting now the 21st!

The next day was the Cleaveland Ave tour at Mammoth Cave National Park. So amazing! We learned a lot about how water, limestone and time formed these caves. There are over 400 known miles of caves in a 7 mile radius but they believe there could be 1,000 miles. They are still exploring them! The map of them looks like a bowl of spaghetti!

Day two was the Wondering Woods Tour. This tour was a mixture of hiking a bit to the entrance of a cave that was not connected to the Mammoth Cave network but pretty cool just the same. We heard lots of history about the early settlers and native Americans who explored the caves and those who exploited them. The rangers at national parks are excellent and we highly recommend going to ranger programs. They have a junior ranger program for kids but the ranger programs are for all ages.

We were able to catch the Sloan's Crossing Pond walk at the end of the day with another excellent and knowledgeable ranger.

Thursday after tour one we shopped and Tom made a delicious meal of fried catfish and corn on the cob and I made a blueberry yogurt cake. Yum.

After tour day two we stopped at a local restaurant that advertised as German. It was called Blue Holler Cafe and it was quite interesting. The food was great and the surroundings eccentric! Tom wanted a German beer but nope it's a dry county! What is that still a thing? A campground neighbor and local told us "oh yes it's the Bible Belt."

Fried bologna on toast?? 😮 Dressed? Lol I don't want naked bologna!

We loved this place! The people were so nice and if we stayed longer we would have gone back. That's what it's about when traveling - meeting the locals and learning. We learned the husband and owner died this year and it appears his wife is carrying on. Best wishes always to the folks at Blue Holler Cafe in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky!


On Saturday we visited Lincoln's birthplace in Hodgenville, Kentucky. We listened to an historical character reenactor who was enslaved in the era when Lincoln was president.

We had hoped to get to one of the many bourbon distilleries but we ran out of time on Saturday.

Sunday we went to mass at one of the few Catholic Churches in the area (we could not believe how many Baptist Churches. Seemed like every few miles we would pass one!).

So...Happy Father's Day! We went to

Boundary Oak Distillery and apparently Father's Day is the day to go haha because the place was deserted! We had a brief tour and watched an interesting movie about the history of prohibition and bourbon making and of course we had a tasting. Bourbon is not my cup of tea but I braved it.

We had a great time in Kentucky! I did not realize that Kentucky has rolling hills and trees and farms and oh the winding and curvy roads with no shoulders!! Beautiful state!

So long Kentucky! Next up is West Virginia! Can't believe this adventure is winding down but we have two more National Parks to go!!

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