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The Adventure Has Begun!

Updated: May 23, 2023

Even though this website indicates we don't leave on Sundays, full disclosure we did leave on a Sunday. Ok so leaving from home base doesn't count! Sunday the 21st after about five hours we landed at the Walmart in Bloomsburg, PA. There are several places that allow overnight parking and last summer we tried Cracker Barrel so this year we decided on Walmart. On the way back we are going to try Cabelas. The comical part is you are supposed to patronize the place and both times we could have stayed at a campground for less!! 😜😜.

I forgot to take a photo so daughter Kara was kind enough to photo shop for us - sort of. Thanks Kara-I think haha! Hey whose leg is that under our trailer!?

Today Tuesday the 22nd we drove a shorter distance and made it to Shenango Recreation area near Hermitage, PA.

Nice place! No water hookups. We tried to fill up our fresh water tank but because we are old and slow we realized our new meter was in metric. Instead of thinking we had 100 gallons we have 26 gallons instead oops!! Live and learn.

Tom is making it up to me by cooking seafood chowder in the Dutch Oven!! Yum.

Tomorrow my friend Donna who I met in Colorado 42 years ago will come visit and have dinner! I'm so happy to have reconnected with her.

Until next time, Good night from PA!

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