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Post Rally Adventures!

We left the Elkhart Fairgrounds on Sunday, June 2nd. I miss the trains 🚂! Stayed at Olde Dutch Mill Golf Course in Lake Milton, OH on Sunday night. This was through newly joined “RV Overnights” so to pay them for letting us park on their property Tom played 9 holes of golf.

We arrived at Ives Run Campground in Tioga, PA on Monday. This is a favorite Army Corps campground of ours. It is excellent. So sprawling and beautiful. It’s a great place to ride our e-bikes. We found some inlets around the lake we would never find on regular bikes. We also got a treat of seeing a deer, heron and several osprey. We also were able to visit our daughter in Rochester, NY which is two hours from our campground. Tom even dragged his dutch oven supplies and made a cake at a nearby park! A quick stay but packed with lots of events. Next week I will blog about one big event that happened - so stay tuned! 😮😃

Wouldn’t be an official blog post without a food picture. Back at the site Tom made yummy fried chicken thighs and veggies in a dutch oven.

A little storm blowing in won’t stop our Dutch oven meal!

Tom’s Enchilada masterpiece! With cinnamon crescent rolls. Yum!

Time to go home-for a bit 😊 Tom and Deb Travel Adventures shall continue!

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