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On The Road Again!

Updated: May 30, 2023

We left PA before noon which is rare for us. We had to get through all of Ohio so early departure was necessary.

I have been through Ohio several times but I always seem to forget that there is a lot of farmland.

We arrived at Elkhart Campground around 4:30. We are here until Saturday morning when we will move to Elkhart Fairgrounds where the Alliance Rally is happening. Last year Tom had the idea to reach out to the company and offer to make a Dutch oven meal for employees. We had met the owners and VP at the Hershey RV show in September of 2021. They suggested we can feed lunch for the service techs at the rally. It was a huge job and we ended up feeding well over a hundred people!! This year we are only haha feeding 50 people and they are the hard working parking people. Tomorrow we do some lasagna prep and make apple crisp. It's fun stuff and we get to meet other people: I'm getting tired though as I age - tomorrow is my 65th birthday 🥳.

Some features of where we are currently staying: highway sounds, view of an RV dealership (this IS the RV capital of the world)and barbed wire fence. 🙄

Peace from Elkhart, Indiana

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